SOUL MIRACLES - when the soul does not want to sleep ...

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SOUL MIRACLES collection is a conversation with an awakened soul who after long seeking the sense of her existence, finally has found the answer. Awakened soul never sleeps and knows that although it is in this world, it is not of this world.

And this cleansing recognition unites the soul with the Source, bringing joy and peace, which the soul wants to express in this world.

Through the soul and her cosmic creations one can experience consciousness comunion with a very gentle world of energy which has real influence on one's life and health.

Saturated of colours and magnetizing Soul Miracles collection of energy paintings, brings you to the space full of lightness and passion of life. Abundance of love, joy, great health and inner peace become your daily experience.


Then .... you start to notice that you yourself are Heaven, which you've always been looking for.